Sunday, 31 January 2010

Beige Heels - Musthave for Spring

The movie "When in Rome" premiered this weekend, and these three lovely ladies were spotted at the Los Angeles premiere. Their dresses are all gorgeous for sure, but what I stumbled upon was the fact that they had all chosen to pair their dresses with nude/beige heels which i think will be one of the most influential colors this spring! Looking forward to Grammy's tonight, somehow musicians are often a little more daring fashionwise than actresses - probably because they are used to wearing really costumy over the top stage outfits... anyway, will of course check up on that over the next couple of days... enjoy the rest of the sunday!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Dreams Of Paris

Stumbled upon this picture of model Sigrid Agren and instantly got a burning desire to be in her boots right now. In Paris. In front of a frosted Eiffel Tower, on her way to a real haute couture fashion show. How I wish it was me!!! So envy, envy from my side. Also because of her discustingly delicious bag:) Give me Paris, give me couture, give me runway beats and goodie bags!!! want it all. want it now. want it bad! ;) /L

Alexa Chung And Haute Couture

Gorgeous model Alexa Chung in a beautiful, simple Chanel dress spotted at Chanel's Haute Couture show in Paris. I actually recently wrote a paper for school about haute couture, and what I found really interesting was how much money the haute couture houses actually spend, and loose (!) on the haute couture pieces and the couture shows, when in reality their customer base is limited to around 200 women!! The reason why they continue the century long French tradition though, is that the couture pieces help create a dream, a frame of fairy tales, prince charmings and endless beauty, and we buy in to it. Not but purchasing the expensive haute couture gowns, but all the smaller things i.e. the prét a poter pieces, the perfumes, make up etc... interesting thought right? I know, I looooove haute couture, and the dream works just fine for me:)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Alica + Olivia = Edgy Meets Girly

 --> great stuff! A little pricy, but really like the edgy/girly designs... I'd buy these three pieces for sure if I could afford them;)

Olivia Wilde & Her Red Carpet Style

...just thought about Olivia Wilde's recent red carpet looks, which I think are all spot on and beautifully styled, but then it struck me; she's always, always wearing white and silver/grey shades, not much of an experimenter with colour... Now personally I don't mind, because as I said, I really love all of the above looks and I think she has a great sense of style, - I just thought it was fun to dig out a few pics from the past two years and see that she's still all about the same colours (or lack thereof!) Gorgeous body, gorgeous face, gorgeous dresses though, seems like she's got everything going for her at the moment, now I just can't wait to see what she'll wear in the red carpet events to come... I'll make sure to keep you posted!! ;)

"New Look" For 99 Punds

T-shirt 14 pounds, cardigan 22, bag 12, accid wash leggins 18, shoe boots 25, bangles 10 pounds. In other words an entire outfit for 99 pounds!!! - and all from one place Just heard of the shop today, but they actually have quite many good things, so drop by and put together your own looks, - if not to buy, then at least for a little inspiration:) /L

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fur Real?? (...And Rocking it Diva-Style!)

Cannot wait for spring! spring means warmer weather, brighter colours, less clothes and more happiness + my birthday (which continues to be a huge deal even after 21 ;) ) BUT, as much as I'm ready for spring, I'm not so sure spring is ready for denmark yet, which leaves me with two choices: 1 - I pack my suitcase and fly south. somewhere, anywhere, warm!! I really like option one, but with the new semester starting on monday and money being short at the end of the month, I think I'm gonna go with option 2: invest in a fake fur from H&M, which are all 50 % off right now starting at DKK 199,95/$35 and rock the rest of the winter like a real diva!! Now, that's not so bad either... ;)

A Small Piece of Happiness And Me Just Smiling:)

...fell for this gorgeous gypsy-chic necklace in H&M today. Price: only DKK 79,95/$15! Especially love the red and the blue together, and also I like the fact that it can be used all year round, - with my black clothes and jeans for the rest of the winter, and with fun floral prints, army greens and white for summer! It makes me happy to look at it, and with the sun shining all day, the snow glittering and time off to do all the things I wanna do, I'm just smiling, smiling, smiling :)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Duffle Bags The Cool Way (Not The Gym Way)

Hello duffle bags! Apparently you are the big thing this spring... I like the point of having just one big room where you toss all your junk :), but on the other hand I haven't really had one of you since..., well since gym classes in elementary school! I'm willing to give it a try though, so found three cool versions on ranging in price from £38-210 so there's a little for everyone. My personal favourite is the one in the middle!! xoxo L

Look For Spring 2010

...came across this look on today and just thought I'd post it, - I think it's really cute, love the collar detail on the shirt, the navvy/white stripes which are so in right now, the skinny jeans, which we still love this season, and of course the brown wedge sandals, which I would really, really like to own! A great spring look, very city chic and very affordable! :)

How To Rock A Maxi Dress

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen wears them. The maxi dresses. For everyday. They make them look casual, and now it's our turn! I have long been looking for just the right winter maxi, one with long sleeves, preferably black (bold choice of dress + safe colour = makes u feel confident and comfortable!). Anyway, I found this very pretty version at, which is currently on sale!! Love the shoulder detail, and love, love, love the fact that it can so easily be dressed up/down. For a great every day look I'd wear it with ballerinas, a big scarf, a cool men's watch, a few bangles, a couple of simple hoop earrings and of course my big favourite bag. For a dinner date on the other hand I'd dress it up with stilettos, an oversize ring, a long thin necklace and some long earrings + a cute clutch. See, endless possibilities with just one dress! Justify Full

Sunday, 24 January 2010

SAG Awards, Backless Beauties & Colour Splash!

January is indeed the beginning of the award season. Last night's SAG awards showing off yet another lineup of beautiful women, killer dresses and gorgeous back-details! Two of the looks I liked the most were Kate Hudson, who looked stunning in white again, and Christina Applegate in an ice blue Cavalli. While Applegate is very pretty-on-pretty and very effordless elegant and classic, Hudson's look is a little more edgy and sexy despite/because of the high neckline and low back, the long sleeves and detailing around the hips which makes it very modern and chic and adds a futuristic touch.

Despite of white being the dominant colour, the SAG's also showed a great colour palet of i.e. deep greens, curry yellow and navy blues, as here on Lea Michele, Drew Barrymore and Diane Kruger.

Tjeck Out "Urban Outfitters"!

Just a few faourites from Urban Outfitter's webshop, which currently has a huge sale! They have many, many pretty items from a variety of cool designers, so check it out! I especially love the pants and the tuxedo jacket because the slightly shorter lengths (ankles and wrists) allows you to put greater emphasis on shoes, bangles and rings, which you can spice up with colours of your choice to make the look more youthful and fun.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Understated Coolness in Danish X Factor

Pernille Rosendahl, judge on Danish X Factor and lead singer in the band "The Storm". Like, like, love her edgy elegant, cool and classy look which is usually very tone in tone black combined with nudes and greys from time to time. What I love most about her sense of style is the way she almost sculptures her petite body with shoulder volume, waist emphasis and just knowing how to work her proportions, creating an understated but still super attractive and very unique look. Pernille plays with textures and materials, and the result is truely gorgeous, yet strikingly simple outfits, underlined with even simpler jewelry and her signature haircut. Now, if you have also fallen for this Danish singer's style, then here is a little inspiration to get it yourself: The skirt is from and currently on sale, and the pleated top and the black dress are from

Fashion Icon of the Day: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, super model, former MTV hostess etc. is soon to create her own fashion line in collaboration with US company Madwell. Personally, Im really looking forward; LOVE her look and her impeccable sense of style. If you don't know her yet here are just a few pics to give you a sense of what she's all about!
For fun skirts and dresses in the style of Ms Chung check out Topshops New Arrivals and xoxo

Leather Tan Ankle Boots & How to Walk 'Em!

I found a pair of really cool ankle boots at ($110 / DKK 600), put them at the top of my wish list because they really are a must in my spring/summer wardrobe with bare legs, cute skirts, denim shorts and lots of coloured and printed tops + chunky jewelry! But, at least here in Denmark, it's still very much winter, so if you're already the lucky owner of a similar pair of boots, here is a little inspiration on how to style them for the ongoing season.

Match boots with ripped leggins (H&M $15 /DKK 79.95), long tee (H&M $15 / DKK 79,95) an edgy pedal knit (Topshop $65 / DKK 350) and add an oversize tan fringe bag, a fake fur collar (H&M $9 /DKK 50), lots of big bangles, ear rings and a couple of huge finger rings and you've got a great, yet very affordable look!
The boots would also look stunning with thick stockings, a short drop-waist dress (Asos $60 /DKK 300), and an oversize blazer in the style of beautiful Rachel Bilson... Or a pair of skinny jeans, a white tee and a long military cardigan (Asos $75/DKK400) for a warmer, more relaxed look. Remember to tuck in your tee so the your big buckle matching tan belt is visible, put on a pair of thin silver creole ear rings, a long, thin silver necklace with a turqouise stone, a matching turquiose ring and put your hair up in a messy bun. Go, go, go;)