Thursday, 21 January 2010

Vanessa from Gossip Girl: Boho-Chic-Sexy

..confession no. 1: I watch Gossip Girl - and LOVE it ;) confession no. 2: My fav part of the entire show is the character Vanessa (upcomming actress Jessica Szohr), and her amazing, edgy boho-inspired outfits and accessories! Now there's a wardrobe I'd like to be able to pull off as well as she does!! My number one favourite look of hers is the gorgeous full-length dress by Catherine Malandrino in dark purple, with turquoise butterfly sleeves and a gorgeous soft coral coloured neckline. Add two of the most dominant accessory-trends of the season; the statement necklace and the oversize ring, and the look is just perfection! Vanessa is all about colours, so of course she chose a pair of yellow sandals to brigthen up the outfit. Now personally I already got a similar pair of yellow heels, but the rest; dress, necklace and ring is hereby added to my wish list! yours too?
The girls of Gossip Girl are all in general really trendy, and I'm sure I'll be posting much more about their styles in the months to come, but while we're still at Vanessa's style, I thought I'd just post a few more pics of her gypsy-boho-chic outfits dominated by lots of ethnic prints, colours and oversize accessories. The pic furthest to the left is perfect for the winter/spring season, while the rest are more suitable for warmer weather and therefore a great source of inspiration for how to dress this summer. Enjoy;)

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