Friday, 22 January 2010

Chanel, Blair Waldorf & How to Adapt a Trend!

Admitted! Hated, hated the Chanel trend the past couple of months. No offense, I love, admire, adore Coco Chanel, she was truely an inspirational woman, and her bags and purses are simple to die for & Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel haute couture pieces are like small pieces of Heaven, but the cropped black/white tweed jackets??? I mean, it's just a little too lady-like for me. Not that I don't think Blair Waldorf totally pulls off the look in Gossip Girl, but then again, snobbish, elitist, bossy - not the combo I'm personally going for, and for some reason that is just the feeling I get from this whole look. Or should I say was? Because as of from 10 min ago, I have come up with the perfect solution to adapt the best of this trend and incorporate it to a style that's a little more me. Plus a whole lot more budget friendly! So if you in any way have been having any of the same frustrations with this on and on and ongoing trend (!), here's a little inspiration;) All items are from and Enjoy!

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