Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nu På Dansk/Now In Danish :)

...In my quest to get more people to follow my blog (which I personally think is AMAZING and therefore also want others to see!!) I have decided to start writing in Danish as well. Hopefully it wont be too confusing:) ...The picture is from betty's blog ( If the white Vivienne Westwood boots were mine I so wouldn't mind going out in the rain... but they're not, so i think i'll just cuddle up under my covers for a little longer until i go face the world:) xoxo

I mit forsøg på at få flere til at følge min blog (som jeg selvfølgelig selv synes er FANTASTISK og helst sikkert værd at følge!) har jeg besluttet mig for at supplere de engelske blogtekster med danske - måske det gør det lettere at relatere til mig, i dont know?? anyway, billedet har jeg lånt fra min yndlings franske blogger betty ( - ELSKER de hvide Vivienne Westwood støvler, som passer perfekt til sådan en regnvejrsdag. Hvis jeg ejede dem stod jeg højst sansynligt allerede nede på gaden og hoppede i vandpytter... det gør jeg bare ikke, så i stedet kravler jeg tilbage under dynen, gemmer mig langt væk fra mandag morgen og verden generelt, vi ses om et par timer:) xoxo

In Love With Your Silhouette...

Im absolutely in love with Alberta Ferretis Fall 2010 collection. The dresses are feminine-gone-warrior with beautiful chain details - MWUAH! want them all!! xoxo /L

I'd So Go After Skiiing With D&G!

If I HAD To Spend 1500 DKK Today....

...I would take further advantage of's free shipping (already bought the MJ-style cardigan I showed you yesterday + a black trenchcoat) I would have to buy this outfit! Think the dress for Bepe is absolutely gorgeous, love dresses with dropped waists, and the colors and the ribbon details from the shoulder... ah:) Would style it like this for now, with black tights of course, and for summer with tanned legs, beige sandals and matching clutch!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

I've Got News For YOU!!

FREE delivery from the next couple of days and LOTS of LOTS of NEW, COOL STUFF!! I found myself this gorgeous 3/4 wool cardigan with MJ-style shoulder details - LOVE it. Its my birthday gift from my sweet boyfriend, so even though it will probably arrive mid next week, Im not allowed to open it, or even try it on until sunday. Have a feeling that will be kinda hard!! :) (maybe just a small peak when he's not home???)
Other than buying gifts for myself and looking forward to my birthday Im still painting floors... started thursday night but it needs 4 layers!! (not 2 or 3 but FOUR layers!!).... will be really pretty though, I'll post before/after pics when its done! Until then its actually kinda cosy being stuck in the bedroom. Unfortunately we forgot to think about food so for the next 6 hours it will just be me and my boyfriend, trapped in here, with an orange, some juice and (thank god!) my laptop:) but im sure we'll figure out ways to kill the time;) xoxo /L

Friday, 26 February 2010

Yet Another Reason To Go To Russia...:)

...thank you Marie Jost for presenting this young lady to me! Her name is Miroslava Duma. Profession - editor in russian fashion magazine + my new favorite IT-girl!!! ...15 minutes ago i hadnt heard about her - for all i knew she could me anyone. Now I know she isnt. Far from. She's someone. Someone to keep an eye on...

Cool Collages!

...can't take credit for these collages; they're not mine but thought they were really cool so Im posting them anyway... hopefully fashion style won't mind:) Just the kind of outfits I would love to wear these days!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Burberry AW10 And Kate Hudsons Cravings

...since the weather still suck, i guess its okay to talk a little about winter coats these days, even though i'd prefer blogging about which summer dress to wear on the beach tomorrow (yeah right, in my dreams! ;) ) ...anyway, its not this winter's coats - but next fall/winter i wanna talk about, cause take a look at these coats from burberry's recent show; are they HOT or what? Love, LOVE number one and two, they are just so gorgeous!!! wish I could wear them tomorrow! of the fashion editors who attended the shows wrote on her blog that she heard Kate Hudson craving number two as well (will look GREAT on her!!!) and Kristen Steward (you know, the girl from the twilight-movies) is said to have her eyes on the third (which also makes good sense to me...) Overall Burberry did a great show, lots of olive and army-colors and cool leather details - and best of all: they have made it possible to pre-order most of the collection on their website, as in right now!!!! go check it out - if not to buy, then just to have a peek... who knows, Hudson and Steward may be doing the exactly same thing on the other side of the Atlantic...

New Boots...

...I wish!
Sale. 449,95 DKK. Want? Yes!

...This Is What I'd Wear If I Went To Russia Today

(...have to have read previous russia post to understand this im afraid:) )

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meet Christine, 25 Years Old From LA...

...I really, really want her shirt!!!! Love the back.

...Today I Kinda Feel Like Going To Russia

...not that i think the weather is any better there (the Winter Palace is supposed to be seen during winter right!), but because i just came across these gorgeous photos, and on top of that I just heard that lullaby from the Anastasia Disney movie yesterday so thats were I'll dream about being today... (In reality Im home all day painting all my dark wooden floors white, and tonight Im going out to dinner with my work colleagues...) have a good day all:) xoxo /L

Rihanna Before And After (What??)

confession! used to like Rihanna's style. (see picture 1 +2.) Used to because lately I think she has gone more and more gaga with both her hair, weird catsuits and futuristic very costumy pieces - also off stage (see picture 3+4) Do you agree???

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lots of Random Info About Me...

Fashion Stuff:
Favorite couture designer: ...for the past few seasons I have been in love with Lanvin. Don't own any pieces though (unfortunately!).
Favorite Danish designer(s): Designer's Remix, Stine Goya, Malene Birger, Noir...
Favorite shoes: new pair of black leather wedges.
Favorite accessory: my two silver rings...
Favorite model: everyone else I too have a thing for Alexa Chung:)
Celebs with great style: Rachel Bilson, Audrey Tautau, Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth and so on and on... :)
3 fashion websites I check out every day:, and
My own style is..: mostly black, white and grey and nude - lots of layering, big bags, and boots/shoes depending on the weather... likes to mix raw and edgy with soft and feminine... likes to surround myself with color, but my wardrobe i prefer to keep very tone-in-tone... (i know, im wearing a red dress on the picture, but it was a special date-day with love in the air, and well - it required a red dress:) )
Favorite fashion magazines: Vogue, Elle, Fashionista by Costume

Random Stuff:
...sipping on a hot soy chai while writing this, that's my favorite winter warm drink. In summer I love fresh watermelon juice. Last fall i went to the Philippines for a month with my boyfriend and our friends; it was the best experience I ever had. Love to travel in general. People who dont know me usually gets the impression that Im very put together and organized. The people who know me, know that I am sooo messy and unorganized and silly and impulsive... But thats the way i like it:) Im quite good at drawing and painting, I like to sketch clothes but never made any of it... or showed it to anyone! When I was 14 i entered an architecture competition, firmly believing i actually stood a chance against professionals... But thats me. Im ambitious and I usually get what I want. I want to be an editor of a fashion magazine (preferably my own!) or be in charge of marketing, PR and show planning for a huge design house... my favourite tv shows are One Tree Hill, The City, Vampire Diaries and Modern Family, I have two sisters who I love sooooo much, i try to eat healthy but have a weakness for chocolate, ice cream and any foods with melted cheese... What else, uhmm, favorite actors/actresses: johnny depp, kate winslet, meryl streep (because they're good!), sophia bush, gerald butler, hugh jackmann (because they're really hot!!), Im a sucker for romantic movies (i.e. the notebook, P.S. I love you, The Lakehouse, If only, Letter in a Bottle, What dreams may come... stuff like this for sure makes me cry!!!) ...also i like to play on my boyfriend's ps3 when he's not home. I study design and economics of culture at the university of southern denmark, and i work part time in a bookstore, I like to dance but lacks a bit of grace and rythm im afraid! ;) i am a dreamer, but also brave. Have one fear; mice (traumatic childhood experience - walked around with a mouse in my boot all day, couldnt get my boot off myself (think i was 4 or 5) and when finally i came from kindergarden and my mom helped me get them off, the mouse was dead and I was scared for life!! :) ) True story!! Finally its my birthday in 12 days, wuhuuu!

...Now, i hope you all feel like you know me a little better + you are now able to put a face on this person (me!) who is pouring out her fashion heart to ya... :) if there's anything else you wanna know, just ask! xoxo /L

Weird Dream Staring Blue Umbrealla. Read!

...this is a little weird. so be prepared! Last night i posted two pictures from showing a couple of gorgeous summer dresses... I also came across this picture which I liked a lot too, but it didnt think it really fit the summer-theme i had going, so i just scrolled by it... the girl is from germany by the way. Anyway, a little after i fell asleep on the couch, laptop still in my lap, head resting on my boyfriend's shoulder... and i started dreaming: dreamed that it was I, flying around with a blue umbrella! was spring, i was wearing a blossomy princess dress and a brown fedora hat, and matching brown cowboy boots (this is a fashion blog, so these details are important! :) ) was spring, the sun was shining and i was in america, late 50's - girls wearing pastels, guys in leather, sipping milkshakes on the local diner, - totally grease style... then suddenly i realized that i was no longer me, I was now elena from "The Vampire's Diaies", which I had just watched the season finale of, and from then on everything turned into vampire-drama, teenage love and bloodsucking horror!! but i weren't scared, cause i had my blue umbrella, and knew that i could just let the wind take me away anytime, if things got too ugly...
If you're still hanging on it means that it was weird, so weird you had to read on just to see what else my crazy mind would come up with... dont blame you, i sometimes wonder that too ;)
What do you think it meant though, my dream?? other than being a combo of things i saw just before i fell asleep... Personally, i think it means that I can do anything, be anyone i wanna be, dont have anything to be afraid of... Its me and the blue umbrella against the world, ready to sweep away the snow and kick spring in the ass with my cool cowboy boots!! ;) xoxo /L

Monday, 22 February 2010

My Kind Of Summer Dresses!

These are the kind of dresses I wanna wear for summer... Flowery and colorful, but without being too feminin and princessy! Pictures from Enjoy:)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

If You Like It Then You Should...

...put a ring on it! but not just any ring:) word up! if you also though danish x-factor judge and beautiful rock star Pernille Rosendahl looked fabulous last friday, i just thought you should know that the jewelry she's wearing (click image to enlarge) - or at least something very similar will be in stores this summer by Friis & Co. (borrowed the picture of the bracelet from blogger jeanet, who attended the Friis & Co. brunch during fashion week) ...Anyway, I think both bracelet and ring are really cool, feminine but edgy - and one of the things Im looking forward to getting my hands on (literally! ;) ) this summer! toodles :)

Hey You Hairdo :)

...the side ponytail; my favorite hairstyle at the moment, - its easy, its chic and works for both casual and formal events! ...cute for spring and summers flower prints and pastels, and cool with all my blacks and greys! enjoy the rest of your sunday! I spent the day at a family birthday party and now im just catching up on a little homework and watching some tv... totally relaxing:)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Its My Blog's 1 Month Birthday...

...which require a cake, a limo and marilyn monroe! anything less would be unthinkable;) No really, I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited my blog during the past 31 days, especially the 4 of you who have chosen to follow me! im so happy to be all twirled into this beautiful, fascinating world, and to be somehow connected to such inspirational, fashionable, fantastic people! Love you all, xoxo /L

P.S. One of the next days Im gonna find some pictures of me and upload + share a little more about myself, so we can all get properly acquainted (...and also so you don't think the lack of pictures of me is due to an abnormally big nose, a rare skin disease, that i have a mustache and whatever else you could be thinking about me!!) ;)

P.P.S. Going to bed now, is going to a big birthday party tomorrow at noon...

...Feeling All Pastelly... Like A Pretty Pale Pink!

just a little inspiration... pictures courtesy of SoBinique. please promise to listen to this song while you look at them so you'll know the mood of my day... all jazzy and laid-back and very pastelly (not a word i know) like the colours of these pics... have a great evening everyone. bisous!

Tie-Dye-For Bag! :-)

I want this bag. Now. If I close my eyes and put out my hands, will you appear in them??? Please. ...Didn't work. too bad. maybe its because i said it out loud?? ;) anyway, just really love the whole tie dye trend thats going on this spring, and this bag would just look so great on my arm... sigh!

Friday, 19 February 2010

If I Were A Rich Girl... (lala lala lala lala lalalala)

...i'd be able to buy from asos designer site where I'd buy these three pieces for summer...

Shopaholic On The Lose & Why To Love February!

hello, hello... nothing much going on here today. nothing big or dramatic or gossipy to share, and no plans for tonight... yet! ;-)
...i tried this dress on in H&M today, I really like it! Will be great with leather leggins and a thin cardi for spring, and super feminin with bare legs and sandals for all the gorgous parties of summer. Ahh, already have big plans for this dress!! :) and with 20% off in H&M this week it's actually a really great buy!
Also I had to have these defeeter wedges! planning on convincing my mom to give them to me for my upcomming birthday as Im already way over my clothing budget this month!!! Not good Louise, not good! (...but i had to, it like just popped into my bag, wrapped and paid for and everything, and think of all the ways you can use them, they'll be perfect for just about anything!!) know what i mean? anyone??
Also I find that february is a really great month for rewarding yourself for how well you did in january's exams (just like i did in january after handing them in, just because i had a good feeling about them haha) and besides, february is a short month meaning you get to spend a little extra to make up for the 2-3 days of food and stuff y
ou've saved... Lots, of lots of excuses:) ...think im just gonna call my mom and ask her if she's bought me any gifts yet! xoxo L

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Kirsten Dunst At Fashion Week + Killer Sunglasses

...always thought Kirsten Dunst is a pretty fab lady! both on screen where she has gotten the chance to wear the most amazing haute couture dresses and manolos as the beautiful Marie Antoinette, but also off screen where she's really good at keeping it casual and simple, but still with stunning details...
here she was spotted at New York fashion week wearing all black, but each item very pretty - no blend basics here!! also check out her SUNGLASSES! very cool, - im pretty sure they're from Ralph Lauren.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Next Buy And Something About Socks... :-)

here is my next buy... A couple of Dixie sandals found on for just under DKK 400. The heel is 8 cm, which is perfect for me (I'm very insecure about looking taller than my boyfriend! - it's like going against nature I feel;-) ) so Im just so happy I found them! I am of course gonna start wearing them as soon as I get them (who wants to wait for spring, I mean that could be MONTHS away!), but there's the whole sock-dilemma... I've got ordinary black nylons, I've got polka dotted ones, and cute cotton ones with nice hole-details BUT they all have that terrible seem across the toes that I really don't like when wearing peeptoes... Minor detail I know, but hey what is this blog if not to write about my problems, big or ...small! :) So I'm wondering, any of you guys know about a secret maker of socks that go with sandals??? - or am I just being a silly-sally... :) xoxo /L

Cool Detail And Projects In The Making

...just came across this picture and thought the sleeve-details is a fun way to dress up an outfit! I think they're pretty easy to make yourself, I'd probably use different leather ribbons and lose the flower to make it a little more raw, but it works great this way with the Chanel inspired jacket and also I really like the shorts! next project will be to try to make some black feather shoulder pads, but after that I think I actually might try these... would doubtlessly be easiest to make in origami paper, but with the danish weather (rain and snow!) that would probably make them way too fragile, so I guess I'll have to think of something else that can keep the shape and is easy to work with...