Saturday, 27 February 2010

I've Got News For YOU!!

FREE delivery from the next couple of days and LOTS of LOTS of NEW, COOL STUFF!! I found myself this gorgeous 3/4 wool cardigan with MJ-style shoulder details - LOVE it. Its my birthday gift from my sweet boyfriend, so even though it will probably arrive mid next week, Im not allowed to open it, or even try it on until sunday. Have a feeling that will be kinda hard!! :) (maybe just a small peak when he's not home???)
Other than buying gifts for myself and looking forward to my birthday Im still painting floors... started thursday night but it needs 4 layers!! (not 2 or 3 but FOUR layers!!).... will be really pretty though, I'll post before/after pics when its done! Until then its actually kinda cosy being stuck in the bedroom. Unfortunately we forgot to think about food so for the next 6 hours it will just be me and my boyfriend, trapped in here, with an orange, some juice and (thank god!) my laptop:) but im sure we'll figure out ways to kill the time;) xoxo /L

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