Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fashion Week at Grandma's!

February is Copenhagen Fashion Week. And I'm not going :( Would have loved to, had actually half way planned it, but with the new semester just starting, trying to save up and with a lot of other things planned, i have decided to wait till summer... Also February and March are big family-get-together months in my family, especially this year with big birthdays (including my own:-) ), gold anniversaries, confirmation and so on, so instead of blogging about which outfits to wear to which shows and events (huhuu:( ) here's what i'll be wearing for my family events... first up is my grandmothers 70th birthday, where we have been invited out for a sunday lunch. Im thinking about wearing something in the style of this outfit - all from H&M at a total cost of approcimately DKK 500. Florals are big for spring, but honestly I dont really own anything with flowers what so ever, so even though the outfit looks very conventional and pretty-sweet, it's actually a big deal for me to step into this garden so to speak:) ...but what better time to try out this trend than at my grandmas birthday, im sure she will absolutely love it:)

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