Sunday, 14 February 2010

Just A Few Interior Ideas... the spirit of writing-only-what-i-wanna-write-about (see last post) and with inspiration from the lovely emily salomons blog, I just thought I'd share with you my other passion: interior design! The pictures are from my appartment, - thought you might like some of my ideas...? In my kitchen I wanted to show you the aluminium board we use for pictures and stuff. Like the rawness it gives to the room. The next picture is just to show how easy it is to use books as a part of your decoration... mine are mostly about design and fashion, and are really pretty in themselves, and I think it gives a nice, simple effect. The next two pictures are from my bathroom. We have a really, really tiny bathroom, hard to make cozy and wellnessy (is that a word?) :) ...anyway, i decided to paint a little gold here and there, and painted a picture of a buddha (see picture), to sort of set the mood... think it turned out great, the small shelf (which is just a piece of wood painted black) works perfectly and has given the room a twist of personality! The final two pictures are from my working space, just wanted to pass on the joy of making collages/mood boards or whatever they're called with cut-outs from magazines, books etc... Personally I think its a huge source of inspiration, and really decorative as well! If you like I'll post more pictures soon, until then... xoxo /L

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