Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Harems + What To Do If Not At Fashion Week

...As you alreadya know, Im not going to fashion week since I have so many other plans this weekend! Today I'm going to Århus to be with my sister; we're gonna go to an art museum where I have to do some research for a school project, and then we are going shopping and out for dinner at a fanzy sushi restaurant! Like, like, LOVE:) Anyway, still havent gotten around the whole taking pictures of my outfits yet, so I'm just gonna tell you about what I'm wearing! First up a pair of gorgeous harem pants I bought on sale yesterday (see picture!) - They are just so comfortable and soft, i think i could LIVE in them haha:) I'm pairing them with a tucked in longsleeved T-shirt - white with navy blue Coco Chanel-inspired stripes, a pair of black studded shoe boots, leather bracelets, a long silver necklace and a long side-ways braid... feeling pretty urban-chic and casual, and ready for a great day! :) xoxo /L

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