Saturday, 20 February 2010

Its My Blog's 1 Month Birthday...

...which require a cake, a limo and marilyn monroe! anything less would be unthinkable;) No really, I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited my blog during the past 31 days, especially the 4 of you who have chosen to follow me! im so happy to be all twirled into this beautiful, fascinating world, and to be somehow connected to such inspirational, fashionable, fantastic people! Love you all, xoxo /L

P.S. One of the next days Im gonna find some pictures of me and upload + share a little more about myself, so we can all get properly acquainted (...and also so you don't think the lack of pictures of me is due to an abnormally big nose, a rare skin disease, that i have a mustache and whatever else you could be thinking about me!!) ;)

P.P.S. Going to bed now, is going to a big birthday party tomorrow at noon...

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