Monday, 8 February 2010

Details Please!!!!

...showing you two photos of actress Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera) just to point out the importance of accessories and detailing when putting together an outfit... I mean, what really makes the look to the left is the trendy fedora hat and the side braid... neck down it's VERY casual and kinda boring! (sorry:) ) ...and to the right it is the gold buttons detailing on the waist of the dress, which matches the ones on her bag, that sets the outfit apart and makes it noticable... So even though you, like Ms Emmy here, are absolutely gorgeous the way you are (!) always remember the little details - they make a world of difference! ...think this is it from me today, now i gotta go figure out what to wear tomorrow:) going to the university and leave with the bus at 7, so I better get to bed soon! xoxo /L

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