Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crappy Post and Gorgeous Clutch!

My last post sucked! You have to tell me these things, feel free to comment all you want; good AND bad, I mean it wasn't even that interesting to myself, just thought i should write SOMETHING about the fashion week i didnt go to, but from now on, I'll only write about things that I would like to read about myself, and not just because something is a HOT topic in blog world (also makes it a lot more fun to read about those of you who DID go to CFW, cause you're stories are so much more interesting and I shouldnt feel pressured to keep up...) But enough about that! Here's a picture of the clutch I was telling you about in my crappy last post) Its my favourite clutch, from Topshop in Manila, Philippines. Love the mix of cool snakeskin and the old sort of rococo-inspired flower print, and the colour combination fits perfectly with all my black and nude clothes! So love, love, love, just thought I'd share! xoxo /L

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