Sunday, 21 February 2010

If You Like It Then You Should...

...put a ring on it! but not just any ring:) word up! if you also though danish x-factor judge and beautiful rock star Pernille Rosendahl looked fabulous last friday, i just thought you should know that the jewelry she's wearing (click image to enlarge) - or at least something very similar will be in stores this summer by Friis & Co. (borrowed the picture of the bracelet from blogger jeanet, who attended the Friis & Co. brunch during fashion week) ...Anyway, I think both bracelet and ring are really cool, feminine but edgy - and one of the things Im looking forward to getting my hands on (literally! ;) ) this summer! toodles :)


  1. Hun er så cool! Er vild med outfittet :D

  2. ja ik:) ...fortæller os mig selv og andre at hun er den ENESTE grund til at jeg ser x-factor! (er nok ik helt rigtigt, men er altså helt tosset med hendes stil; meget mere end Lina Rafns...) Knus!