Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Next Buy And Something About Socks... :-)

here is my next buy... A couple of Dixie sandals found on smartgirl.dk for just under DKK 400. The heel is 8 cm, which is perfect for me (I'm very insecure about looking taller than my boyfriend! - it's like going against nature I feel;-) ) so Im just so happy I found them! I am of course gonna start wearing them as soon as I get them (who wants to wait for spring, I mean that could be MONTHS away!), but there's the whole sock-dilemma... I've got ordinary black nylons, I've got polka dotted ones, and cute cotton ones with nice hole-details BUT they all have that terrible seem across the toes that I really don't like when wearing peeptoes... Minor detail I know, but hey what is this blog if not to write about my problems, big or ...small! :) So I'm wondering, any of you guys know about a secret maker of socks that go with sandals??? - or am I just being a silly-sally... :) xoxo /L

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