Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lots of Random Info About Me...

Fashion Stuff:
Favorite couture designer: ...for the past few seasons I have been in love with Lanvin. Don't own any pieces though (unfortunately!).
Favorite Danish designer(s): Designer's Remix, Stine Goya, Malene Birger, Noir...
Favorite shoes: ...my new pair of black leather wedges.
Favorite accessory: my two silver rings...
Favorite model: ...like everyone else I too have a thing for Alexa Chung:)
Celebs with great style: Rachel Bilson, Audrey Tautau, Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth and so on and on... :)
3 fashion websites I check out every day: lookbook.nu, leblogdebetty.com and fabsugar.com
My own style is..: mostly black, white and grey and nude - lots of layering, big bags, and boots/shoes depending on the weather... likes to mix raw and edgy with soft and feminine... likes to surround myself with color, but my wardrobe i prefer to keep very tone-in-tone... (i know, im wearing a red dress on the picture, but it was a special date-day with love in the air, and well - it required a red dress:) )
Favorite fashion magazines: Vogue, Elle, Fashionista by Costume

Random Stuff:
...sipping on a hot soy chai while writing this, that's my favorite winter warm drink. In summer I love fresh watermelon juice. Last fall i went to the Philippines for a month with my boyfriend and our friends; it was the best experience I ever had. Love to travel in general. People who dont know me usually gets the impression that Im very put together and organized. The people who know me, know that I am sooo messy and unorganized and silly and impulsive... But thats the way i like it:) Im quite good at drawing and painting, I like to sketch clothes but never made any of it... or showed it to anyone! When I was 14 i entered an architecture competition, firmly believing i actually stood a chance against professionals... But thats me. Im ambitious and I usually get what I want. I want to be an editor of a fashion magazine (preferably my own!) or be in charge of marketing, PR and show planning for a huge design house... my favourite tv shows are One Tree Hill, The City, Vampire Diaries and Modern Family, I have two sisters who I love sooooo much, i try to eat healthy but have a weakness for chocolate, ice cream and any foods with melted cheese... What else, uhmm, favorite actors/actresses: johnny depp, kate winslet, meryl streep (because they're good!), sophia bush, gerald butler, hugh jackmann (because they're really hot!!), Im a sucker for romantic movies (i.e. the notebook, P.S. I love you, The Lakehouse, If only, Letter in a Bottle, What dreams may come... stuff like this for sure makes me cry!!!) ...also i like to play on my boyfriend's ps3 when he's not home. I study design and economics of culture at the university of southern denmark, and i work part time in a bookstore, I like to dance but lacks a bit of grace and rythm im afraid! ;) i am a dreamer, but also brave. Have one fear; mice (traumatic childhood experience - walked around with a mouse in my boot all day, couldnt get my boot off myself (think i was 4 or 5) and when finally i came from kindergarden and my mom helped me get them off, the mouse was dead and I was scared for life!! :) ) True story!! Finally its my birthday in 12 days, wuhuuu!

...Now, i hope you all feel like you know me a little better + you are now able to put a face on this person (me!) who is pouring out her fashion heart to ya... :) if there's anything else you wanna know, just ask! xoxo /L

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