Monday, 15 February 2010

My Latest Vingtage Love...

...i realize that its a little risky to post something i really, really like, love and want, as there is a chance that any one of you loves it as much as me and is willing to outbit me, but im taking my chances! :) ...cause i had to SHARE this PERFECT, WHITE, STUDDED, 40-INSPIRED VINTAGE MAXI-DRESS! It's on the top of my wishlist right now, will be so perfect on me, and all the stories i already have in my head about the elegant, edgy young american woman I imagine wore it... the kind of woman who smoked long cigarettes, loved dancing, was a real flirt with a bad mouth but truely mesmorizing eyes, - the kind of woman the guys loved and the girls envied... she was wearing this dress to a high society party in a jazz club way back then in the 40's, her dark brown hair was waving around her shoulders, her laugh filling the room like the scent of her perfume, drawing everyone towards her...
You see???? I HAVE to have it:) Bitting on e-bay ends wednesday, have to keep cool until then, but don't you agree: this dress is IMPECABLE! Love /L


  1. Elsker din historie om kvinden, der havde kjolen. Får næsten lyst til at købe den nu, men bare rolig skal nok lade være:) krydser fingre for at du får den.

  2. tusind tak, håber virkelig, virkelig også jeg når at hapse den - og hende:) der ER altså bare noget fantastisk magisk ved vintage... ahh! :)