Thursday, 25 February 2010

Burberry AW10 And Kate Hudsons Cravings

...since the weather still suck, i guess its okay to talk a little about winter coats these days, even though i'd prefer blogging about which summer dress to wear on the beach tomorrow (yeah right, in my dreams! ;) ) ...anyway, its not this winter's coats - but next fall/winter i wanna talk about, cause take a look at these coats from burberry's recent show; are they HOT or what? Love, LOVE number one and two, they are just so gorgeous!!! wish I could wear them tomorrow! of the fashion editors who attended the shows wrote on her blog that she heard Kate Hudson craving number two as well (will look GREAT on her!!!) and Kristen Steward (you know, the girl from the twilight-movies) is said to have her eyes on the third (which also makes good sense to me...) Overall Burberry did a great show, lots of olive and army-colors and cool leather details - and best of all: they have made it possible to pre-order most of the collection on their website, as in right now!!!! go check it out - if not to buy, then just to have a peek... who knows, Hudson and Steward may be doing the exactly same thing on the other side of the Atlantic...


  1. those coats are nice, they all look so warm! but oh it reminds me even more of the fact that i really want it to be summer (or at least spring) again so that i could wear something else than warm gardigans and huuuuge coats.

  2. ...i know!!! im just SO sick of this weather, come spring, come summer, come NOW!! :) thanks for commenting, just added myself as follower to your blog - its really nice! /L