Friday, 19 February 2010

Shopaholic On The Lose & Why To Love February!

hello, hello... nothing much going on here today. nothing big or dramatic or gossipy to share, and no plans for tonight... yet! ;-)
...i tried this dress on in H&M today, I really like it! Will be great with leather leggins and a thin cardi for spring, and super feminin with bare legs and sandals for all the gorgous parties of summer. Ahh, already have big plans for this dress!! :) and with 20% off in H&M this week it's actually a really great buy!
Also I had to have these defeeter wedges! planning on convincing my mom to give them to me for my upcomming birthday as Im already way over my clothing budget this month!!! Not good Louise, not good! (...but i had to, it like just popped into my bag, wrapped and paid for and everything, and think of all the ways you can use them, they'll be perfect for just about anything!!) know what i mean? anyone??
Also I find that february is a really great month for rewarding yourself for how well you did in january's exams (just like i did in january after handing them in, just because i had a good feeling about them haha) and besides, february is a short month meaning you get to spend a little extra to make up for the 2-3 days of food and stuff y
ou've saved... Lots, of lots of excuses:) ...think im just gonna call my mom and ask her if she's bought me any gifts yet! xoxo L

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