Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Weird Dream Staring Blue Umbrealla. Read!

...this is a little weird. so be prepared! Last night i posted two pictures from lookbook.nu showing a couple of gorgeous summer dresses... I also came across this picture which I liked a lot too, but it didnt think it really fit the summer-theme i had going, so i just scrolled by it... the girl is from germany by the way. Anyway, a little after i fell asleep on the couch, laptop still in my lap, head resting on my boyfriend's shoulder... and i started dreaming: dreamed that it was I, flying around with a blue umbrella! ...it was spring, i was wearing a blossomy princess dress and a brown fedora hat, and matching brown cowboy boots (this is a fashion blog, so these details are important! :) ) ...it was spring, the sun was shining and i was in america, late 50's - girls wearing pastels, guys in leather, sipping milkshakes on the local diner, - totally grease style... then suddenly i realized that i was no longer me, I was now elena from "The Vampire's Diaies", which I had just watched the season finale of, and from then on everything turned into vampire-drama, teenage love and bloodsucking horror!! but i weren't scared, cause i had my blue umbrella, and knew that i could just let the wind take me away anytime, if things got too ugly...
If you're still hanging on it means that it was weird, so weird you had to read on just to see what else my crazy mind would come up with... dont blame you, i sometimes wonder that too ;)
What do you think it meant though, my dream?? other than being a combo of things i saw just before i fell asleep... Personally, i think it means that I can do anything, be anyone i wanna be, dont have anything to be afraid of... Its me and the blue umbrella against the world, ready to sweep away the snow and kick spring in the ass with my cool cowboy boots!! ;) xoxo /L

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