Tuesday, 9 February 2010

All H&M And Talk About Summer:)

hey guys, whoever you are reading my blog? (im still absolutely blown away that i have almost had 100 unique readers in less than a month, but please comment or join as followers so i know who you are and can read your blogs as well! ;) ) ...last night i talked about remembering the little details when putting together your outfits; here's my outfit of the day: all H&M and pretty basic, but with a twist of colour and detail here and there, just the way i like it:) Its still freezing cold here in Denmark, but Im really starting to get tired of it (WANT SPRING NOW :D ) so I have started wearing all my spring/summer skirts and dresses (not the really colourful ones, but all my basic skirts, maxi's and strapless...) which I layer with thick tights under, warm knits and cool scarfs over etc, but it just still gives me that summerish feeling im longing for (yeah, i know, im playing mindgames with myself, tricking myself into summer-mood, but hey it works so stop laughing and admit that it's a good idea that you're actually considering trying out yourself as you're reading this ;D) Have a GREAT day everyone, and now go put on that summer dress!! ...i know you want to:)


  1. Congrats for your blog, i just discovered il, and it's cool!

  2. thank you dear, just visited yours as well, its absolutely fantastique:)