Monday, 8 February 2010

There's Someone I Want to Introduce You to...

Meet Betty. Not Ugly-Betty Betty, but french Betty owner of the blog "Le Blog de Betty" and my most recent style icon! I think she's amazing, not just because she's french (read previous posts!) but because her style is so cool and effordless and just very, very put together + she writes really well which always helps:)
...Anyway, the reason why I wanted to tell you about Betty is because of this outfit; boyfriend jeans, wedge boots, studded jacket AND a lingerie top, which is a huge trend right now! I have seen it in several versions on several websites, bodies in mesh like the one Betty is wearing, or more corsage-like pieces, but I have never thought about buying them except to wear UNDERNEATH my clothing! But along came Betty, and she showed me, what I now want to show you guys, that wearing these boudior-style lingerie-tops doesnt have to be slutty and tacky, - they can in fact be very cool, delicate and give sort of an understated sexappeal IF you style them right! I think Betty's outfit is close to perfection, its casual yet elegant and edgy and it just really, really works for me... Maybe it's because I'm in love with anything french at the moment, or maybe, just maybe this trend isnt so bad after all... hmm;)


  1. Great post!

  2. thank u:) ...har lige kigget forbi din blog også, den er super fin!