Monday, 1 February 2010

Grammy Review: 3 Fav Long + 3 Fav Short Dresses

Grammys last night, and as promised here's a little dress review... First up is my top 3 long dresses. Keri Hilson is in a classic Dolce and Gabanna mermaid dress, which I love because its just so simple and chic, and with her hairdo and accessories she just captures real glamour.

Next up is Pink, who is wearing a dress which probably wouldn't look as great on anyone else but her, - it just captures her style and the rest of her look, with the silver blond her and edgy attitude. So cudos to her for taking a bit of a risk in her choice of dress, but also for toning it down with white/black and silver shades making the look more elegant and sophisticated.

Finally there is Taylor Swift, always looking so petite and gracefully girly. At first I didn't really like her dress, thought it was way too shimmery and "classic grammy", but after having second and third looks from all angles, I can see that she has taken some chances, making it more modern and youthful with the neckline, the back detailing and the straight seem down the centre of the dress. She could have still been more daring though, I mean its the Grammy's and people are allowed to stand out a little more!
On to the short dresses, which I in general think are a little more appropriate for the Grammy's, because they are usually more fun and flirty. The first one I like is Lea Michele's, - it compliments her body well, emphasising her curves and adding a little fun.

Next up is Miley Cyrus, who I think is finally starting to get her style right. Love this long sleeved minidress with its futuristic twist, and the cool clutch and wavy hair is just perfect - fits my image perfectly of how young musicians should dress for these kind of events! Finally we have Fergie, who always rocks mini dresses, and who has recently shown impecable red carpet style in my opinion, the Grammys no exeption! Her blue dress is from Emilio Pulido, who is also the man behind Heidi Klums Grammys dress, and I just love the gold detailing, that makes is youthful and fun and adds just the right amount of glamour:-)

And so, these were my pics... In general, the red carpet wasn't that great this year though, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Rhianna all wore really unflattering pieces, and no one really nailed the look. Would have love to see more colour, more short dresses and more fun accessories... Well, maybe next year...

Anyway, now we're waiting for the Oscars in March, hopefully we'll then get a chance to see some real old fashioned hollywood glamour, - personally counting on Angelina Jolie, Diane Kruger, Michelle Williams and Kate Hudson to blow us away, and who knows, maybe Sandra Bullock will finally get her red carpet style all fierce like her amazing acting??? Can't wait;-) /L

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