Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Olivia Wilde & Her Red Carpet Style

...just thought about Olivia Wilde's recent red carpet looks, which I think are all spot on and beautifully styled, but then it struck me; she's always, always wearing white and silver/grey shades, not much of an experimenter with colour... Now personally I don't mind, because as I said, I really love all of the above looks and I think she has a great sense of style, - I just thought it was fun to dig out a few pics from the past two years and see that she's still all about the same colours (or lack thereof!) Gorgeous body, gorgeous face, gorgeous dresses though, seems like she's got everything going for her at the moment, now I just can't wait to see what she'll wear in the red carpet events to come... I'll make sure to keep you posted!! ;)


  1. Jeg elsker hendes red carpet-stil. Hun er fantastisk!

  2. me too, me too:) sådan lidt greek goddess over hende...