Monday, 8 March 2010

Top 5 Oscar Dresses

Hello there ;-) 4 hours of sleep and im back in business!! had a GREAT birthday party - was so cozy and fun and the food turned out great and everyone was happy! Got great, great gifts too, i'll do a post on them later! But first lets talk about the Oscars last night! (sandra bullock won as i had hoped!) Anyway, the above is my top 5 favorite dresses: I really like how miley cyrus has been dressing for these events for the past season - young and flirty but still with a classic silhouette - i think she looks stunning! Vera Farmiga is just an actress i always considered to be very serious and a tad boring, so i thought it was great to see her take a risk with both color choice and volume. She really pulls it off and surprised me, so she deserved credit for that! No 3 + 4 are just gorgeous in themselves, no matter what they wear really! ;-) and then there's rachel McAdams who looks beeyond beautiful in this floral. really! I love her so much. Been a favourite of mine since the Notebook and Mean Girls days (God, I love those movies!) - she's just so alive and seems so bubbly and happy and put together and here everything just works for me! You guys agree with my top 5??

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