Monday, 1 March 2010

Im Having A Sweathshirt Day... much as i wanna stay under covers and snooze again today, I can't! Have an important morning class so i have to get up! Unfortunately. Been freezing like crazy all night. We slept in the living room (due to my floor painting project!) on a couple of blankets - with jackets and gloves on cause our heat isnt working. again! Therefore I now have a sore throat, dammit! hopefully it will be better after showering (finds that hot showers can help anything! :) ) The sweater on the pic is what I'll be wearing today. With skinny jeans and black biker boots. Dont feel like dressing up, just wanna stay warm, but really love the lace detail on the sweater, which makes it "okay" to wear out in the public haha:) Have a good day ya all.... xxoo

...nøj, hvor kunne jeg godt tænke mig at blive liggende under dynen igen i dag! det går bare ik, har en temmelig vigtig klasse om halvanden time, så må nok hellere se at få snøvlet mig afsted ud i bad! ...der er ik så langt, for har sovet i stuen (pga. gulvmaling i soveværelset!). Har frosset hele natten, for varmen valgte ikke at virke igen i nat. just my luck. Har sovet med frakke og vanter, ligget i ske <3>


  1. Thank you for checking out my blog and following!! I am following yours too!

    Hopefully your heat starts working soon!!

    I love the sweater! You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time! Which is always a good thing!!

  2. exactly;) the heat is back on again, thank god! and i'll finish painting our floors today, so i think tonight everything will be back to normal:) have a great day!