Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Early Morning In Paris...

...thats the name of this picture found on I like the mood of it. I imagine that Im this girl. Having just been out for a refreshing morning run by the Seine, watching the big city of love awake... Then home, shower, dress (which by the way doesn't take very long, because I have that special Paris chicness in me, which make me look effordlessly pretty in anything!) By the look of the girl (me) on the picture, I imagine Im a model, on my way to work. Im having breakfast on the go; a greasy croissant and a skinny latte (actually Im not a big fan of either pastries or coffee, I'd prefer an omlete and a soy chai, but you cant wear boots like that and then be sipping cinnamon-flavoured tea... right?) Anyway, Im enjoying the strong sunbeams on my face as they battle out the last shreds of winter. I love Paris in spring and cant wait for an opportunity to flash my new Miu Miu platforms. But enough day dreaming - im almost there now, at Le Louvre where today's photoshoot is taking place... Im gonna be in head-to-toe couture. From Galliano, Chanel and Valentino. Enter reality; im really just sitting in my couch wrapped in a blanket, wearing a cheap H&M tank and ditto leggins. Im sipping on a chai - that part was true!! as for the rest of it, well a girl gotta be allowed to dream...! Good thursday all!!

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